Alan’s Poems

  1. No Exit (about an imaginary spy)
  2. Should I Mope Here In Hell? (about choosing heaven or hell)
  3. What If We Were One? (a villanelle about spiritual oneness)
  4. Numb (a villanelle that is only partially autobiographical)
  5. The Darkest Hour (a sonnet about technology used for dubious ends)
  6. Snow (a traditional Welsh form called the rhupunt)
  7. Earth’s Future (about our vision for the future of the earth)
  8. Shellshocked By The Future (about anticipating the end of the world)
  9. To Schools They Run (a sonnet about inner and outer knowledge)
  10. Christmas (a sonnet about finding peace)
  11. Time (a sonnet about finding eternity in the present moment)
  12. The Thief (a poem about the special relationship)
  13. The Holy Relationship (a poem is in the form of a tanka, which is a haiku with two additional lines)
  14. To the False Gods (a poem about idolatry and hubris)
  15. The Assyrians (a prophetic poem based on Isaiah 10)
  16. Both Sides (a poem in the form of a ballade)
  17. The Roots of English Poetry (a poem about the roots of English Poetry in the Middle Ages)
  18. Space and Time (a sonnet about theories and reality)
  19. In This Human Frame (an existential poem with a lot of questions about life)
  20. Each Living Thing (an acrostic poem about plants)
  21. The Grudge (about a common psychological parasite)
  22. Blessed Are You (an interpretation of the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew)
  23. Peace of Mind (a trianglet poem)
  24. The Two Conspiracies (the covert and overt conspiracies)
  25. The Hounds of Happiness (a sonnet about fear and jealousy)
  26. The Final Lesson (about forgiveness)
  27. The Missing Link (about the missing link in the theory of evolution)
  28. The World of Sense (a blues sonnet about two realms)
  29. The Choice (a choice we all have to make at the end of life)
  30. The Beast (about the beast of guilt and fear)
  31. Sympathy For The Zombie (an experimental stream-of-consciousness poem)
  32. Wasteland (about despair and hope)
  33. War (a trianglet poem)
  34. All Who Live (a trianglet poem)
  35. Vain Sacrifice (a trianglet poem)
  36. Love Waited (a trianglet poem)
  37. It’s Not Worth Fighting For (a villanelle about war)
  38. Do Not Go Frantic Into That Good Light (a villanelle about death)
  39. Doing It All For The Money (a parody)
  40. Simply Unpredictable (a parody about science)
  41. The Power Of Lies (a parody)
  42. Can Of Beans (a parody about the devil)
  43. Inner Power (a Limerick)
  44. Be Thankful (a Limerick)
  45. I See Only The Past (a series of Limericks)
  46. Echo Chamber (a Limerick)
  47. My Thoughts Are The Shots (a Limerick)
  48. If Hope Is Real (a sonnet about the ego)
  49. The Merry-Go-Round (a sonnet about a thought reversal)
  50. The Three Views (a sonnet about atheists, agnostics, and believers)
  51. Which Side Are You On? (a sonnet about the body and the soul)
  52. The Two Farmers (a sonnet about reaping and sowing)
  53. Never As Good As The Last Time (a sonnet about the end of the world)
  54. The Dog And The Wolf (an interpretation of Aesop’s fable of the same name)
  55. When You’re Out On The Street (about homelessness)
  56. A Different Kind Of Music (about spiritual music)
  57. The Cat And The Mouse (a tale about forgiveness)
  58. Exiles In Babylon (an interpretation of part of the Bible book of Daniel)
  59. Mistress Math (a tragicomic poem)
  60. The World’s End (two related zeno poems)
  61. Indomitable (a sonnet about an unusual subject)
  62. The Judge (a ballad)
  63. Haunted Houses (about the return of the dead)