This poem is an interpretation of part of the Bible (Revelation 2:1-7).

To the angel of the church in Ephesus:

The One who holds within his hand
The seven stars of light,
The One who walks among the stands
Of golden lamps says write:

I know your deeds and your good works,
Your perseverance long;
You can’t endure the evil men,
You’ve found them to be wrong.

Those men who call themselves the ones
That joined with Jesus’ crew,
You tested all those fakers’ words,
And proved them all untrue.

You persevered, endured, and stayed,
Remained alert, awake;
You did this all, and did not fade,
You did this for my sake.

But this I have against you now:
You’ve left your first true love;
Recall wherefrom you all did fall,
And do repent thereof.

So do the deeds you did at first,
Forever seek my grace;
Unless you turn, I’ll take your stand,
Remove it from its place.

The Nicolaitans’ deeds you hate,
I do agree with you;
Whoever has an ear to hear,
The Spirit’s words are true.

And everyone who overcomes
Eats of the living tree;
That tree does stand in Paradise,
Its healing fruit is free.