This poem presents five different ways of dealing with pain and abuse.

Within this world, there were five men
Who often took it on the chin
These men felt pain, like everyone
Who tries to live below the sun

The five did have their special way
To deal with all of their dismay
So let us hear, and then decide
Which man to choose to be our guide

The first man said, “I face the pain
As stoics do endure the strain
I feel abuse, but tense and brace
With steady mind and stony face”

The second said, “To every foe
I make him pay, a blow for blow
I can’t resist, revenge is mine
To even scores is my design”

The third man said, “I know I’m right
That from abuse I’ll see the light
My victim status makes me great
Abusers are rebuked by fate”

The fourth man said, “From my attack
I know my foe will be paid back
I pity him who must receive
Dismay in hell without reprieve”

The fifth one said, “I know my mind
Can choose to leave all pain behind
I know that they can’t kill my soul
The body dies, while I am whole”

Which of these men can stop all pain?
The stoic man must pleasure feign
The vengeful man just hardens chains
The victim’s greatness earns no gains
The pity foes get for their fates
Does not improve the victims’ states

So only those who see the light
Who seek the truth with their clear sight
Can see the pain that they do feel
Is from the brain and is not real

The guiltless always feel a peace
Their love and joy do not decrease
And someday joy will be the seal
To prove our thoughts of sin aren’t real

When we forgive, our eyes will see
A fresh new world, a living tree
When we divide the false and true
Our pain will flee, our life be new