This poem is about the spell of guilt and fear that we put on ourselves long ago.

Enchanted by a sleeping spell,
We’re waiting for the ringing bell;
The bell will waken drowsy men,
They’ll recognize themselves again.

But who will make the first note ring,
And let those men begin to sing?
For ages long, their sleep did last;
For endless time, the spell was cast.

And while asleep, the people dreamt
That all were held fast in contempt;
They dreamt that sorrow was their fate,
For guilt was thought to rule their state.

And all did think their guilt was real,
And fear of God they all did feel,
But guilt and fear make for a hell
That lasts as long as lasts the spell.

Illusions make us feel the fear
That what’s rejected will come near;
The thoughts we hate, we do reject,
They are the thoughts that we project.

But when we hate our fellow man
On love and joy we place a ban;
We can’t remove all hate within
By hating others’ seeming sin.

This world has not an outer part,
Nor inner room to hide our heart;
The world we can’t divide or cut,
Or keep our door tight sealed and shut.

For all is one inside and out,
And hate returns by some odd route;
The fear we feed, the hate we send,
Make love to freeze, and peace to end.

But when we find that guilt’s not true,
We find attack is not our due;
Our guilty thoughts remove all peace,
So that the spell will never cease.

But if one could forgive all guilt,
The road to peace would be fast built;
That one at last would ring the note,
Make guilt to flee, make fear remote.

And people would no longer sleep;
The light into their eyes would creep;
And men would cease to throw their hate;
Forgiveness would their joy make great.

So let’s all be the one to save,
To bring the world back from its grave;
No one can save the world alone;
It’s all for one, no one’s unknown.

When we decide to judge no more,
A peace will come to rid all war;
No one will dwell in hell or fear;
The song of love, all men will hear.