A World of Disappointment

This essay describes the world that we live in and how we can escape from it. The essay is based on ideas from the book A Course in Miracles.

Do you believe that you can find perfect happiness, satisfaction, and peace in this world? Have you ever found them here before? If not, why do you think you will ever find them here? Perhaps you know they exist because you’ve experienced them in another world, a world that you can barely remember?

This world is full of disappointment because we are trying to attain something here that this world does not offer. Can a world of conflict offer peace? Can a world of sorrow offer happiness? Can a world that shifts and changes offer security or peace?

If this world cannot make us happy, then what can we do? The key is to realize that this world is a dream-like world, and that what we see is based on what we think. When we think about competition and conflict, we see and experience competition and conflict in the world. What we think is what we get.

This world is the result of an agreement that its members made, long ago, in an effort to escape from God and the spiritual unity that he represents. Why did we do this? Simply because we had the idea that we had sinned against God, and we forgot to laugh at the absurdity of this idea. We took the idea seriously that we had sinned, that God was angry at us, and that God would punish us for our sin.

This world of separation—separate bodies, brains, and thoughts—is an attempt to escape from the presence of God. It is like when a child covers its head with a blanket and believes that all of its problems have disappeared. This world is like a blanket on our heads. The blanket keeps us from knowing reality. We believe that outside of the blanket is a monster (God), and that inside the blanket is safety. However, God is not a monster, and the blanket simply keeps us from knowing and loving God.

We have not sinned because it is impossible to contradict an all-powerful God, it is impossible to have a will that opposes his, and it is impossible to change our nature from what we are. God created us holy and sinless (like himself), and we cannot change that, although we can be unaware of it in this dream world.

We cannot escape this disappointing dream world that we have made until we change our minds. We need to forgive ourselves for what we have not done and could not do. We simply need to realize the truth of our innocence.

Before we return to God, however, we will begin to have happy dreams. We will dream of a new world in which there is no conflict, destruction, or death. Once we completely forgive ourselves, or overlook all our incorrect thoughts, God will take the last step of bringing us back into heaven. And at the end of time, when all of our dreams have faded away, we will know again who we are. We will take the blanket off our heads, and we will not fear God. Rather, we will know and love God, and we will create like God by extending his love.

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