The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies


This essay contains some ideas from the book A Course in Miracles.

Since only the eternal is real, this temporary world is not real. This world can be called a dream world because everything in it changes with our desires. Can this world be a satisfactory place for our spirit to live in? God created our spirits in his own likeness. Our spirits were created to be like God in every respect except one: We did not create God, but rather he created us. However, we can be co-creators with God when we are aware of our spiritual reality.

In our current situation, we are aware of our illusory ego and not aware of our real spiritual self. We made the ego because, at one point, we thought we had sinned and we became afraid of God. Our separate egos—in their separate bodies—are an attempt to flee from God’s oneness. We couldn’t destroy our spiritual reality, but we did become unaware of it.

The ego that we made feels a lack because it knows that there exists something greater than itself—the spirit—although the ego cannot comprehend what the spirit is or means. This essay is about the so-called seven deadly sins, which are simply mistakes that we make when we identify with the ego rather than with the spirit.


Pride occurs when the ego believes that it is self-sufficient, or that it has some special characteristic that others don’t have. The ego becomes proud of its independence or specialness and we believe the lies that the ego tells us.

The Remedy for Pride

We were created by God and are not self-sufficient, but we are eternally secure. We also need to realize that our spirits all have the same nature or essence, and only our ego personalities are different. We are one with all our brothers, and neither the existence of our spirit nor our oneness with our brothers can be threatened. When we feel pride, this reveals that we are identifying with the ego and not with the spirit.


Greed is the strong desire to acquire things that we don’t have. The ego desires to attain material things to make it greater or more special than others, both in its own eyes and in the eyes of others.

The Remedy for Greed

Being and having are the same in the spiritual world, the only world that is real. There are no limits to our spirit, so we both are and have everything. However, we can be unaware of this. When the ego tries to attain something that seems to be outside of itself, it believes that it can only gain what someone else loses. In contrast, when our united spirits increase in joy, the joy is shared with everyone and increases for everyone.


The ego needs other bodies to prove that it is special. It uses pleasure to make itself feel bigger and more grandiose. The ego thinks that it lacks something and so it tries to possess other bodies to fill this lack.

The Remedy for Lust

The ego does not recognize the spirit, but when we choose the spirit instead of the ego, we realize that we don’t need anything. Instead, we seek to share our spiritual riches in order to increase them in ourselves and others.


The ego feels envy when it believes that someone else has something that makes that other person more special or greater. The ego wants to possess that thing so that it will be special too.

The Remedy for Envy

We must realize that everyone has everything, spiritually speaking, and if we believe in abundance and not scarcity, our so-called physical needs can be easily met. No one is special in God’s eyes, except that each person has a special role to play on the path back to the recognition of oneness.


Gluttony is a desire of the ego to get something to make it more complete and whole. Gluttony can also be caused by the fear of scarcity. The ego believes that it might perish if it doesn’t acquire what it thinks it needs to survive.

The Remedy for Gluttony

When we believe in abundance and not scarcity, we will not fear lack, and we will not overcompensate for our fear by eating more than we need.


Wrath is caused by the desire to have things a different way. The ego gets angry and throws a temper tantrum when it doesn’t get what it wants.

The Remedy for Wrath

This world has a lot of problems, but if we realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding all things in a good direction, then we wouldn’t feel the need to get angry about what is happening. In addition, if we realized that this world is unreal, and only a dream in comparison to eternity, then we wouldn’t try to attack the fickle dream for not giving us what we think we need.


Sloth, or laziness, can come from a fear that all our efforts will be in vain. Maybe we have tried and tried and tried to be successful in this world, as the world views success, and we have never succeeded. So, in the end, we give up and become lazy or indifferent.

The Remedy for Sloth

There is really nothing that we need to do, since our spirit is eternally safe. However, while we are in this world, the body can do things to take care of itself and others. If we don’t attempt to find satisfaction in acquiring physical things and other bodies, then we can do what the Holy Spirit asks us to do without strain or sacrifice. Working with the Holy Spirit is always effective in helping everyone reach our final goal: the awareness of heaven.


The ego thinks it has many needs and lacks. This is because the ego represents a lack of the spirit. Nothing that the ego acquires or possesses can really satisfy this lack. As long as we identify with the ego rather than the spirit, we will be unsatisfied and unhappy. But in order to identify with the spirit, we must let go of what the ego wants. The ego wants separation, specialness, and something more than others. The spirit, on the other hand, is forever united with other spirits, has the same essence as other spirits, and possesses everything by sharing it with all.

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