Can Joy Be Recorded?

Most of the music that we listen to these days has been recorded to make money, to make someone popular, or simply to share one’s thoughts and melodies with others. We also listen to live music, but that music is usually played to make the musicians popular or rich. In church, music is played and sung by professional musicians to worship and praise God and his deeds. However, that type of music is usually limited to an hour or so each week, and we can question whether God enjoys, or even needs, praise that is performed as a duty once a week.

It seems to me that the most spontaneous and lively music that is produced these days might come from the birds, those free creatures that still survive in this polluted world. Do the birds sing only to attract mates? I think that birds sing not only to attract mates but also to express the joy they feel.

Why can’t we be so spontaneous and joyful? Why do we have to buy our joy in a recording, or stream a song on the internet? Why has our music become a commercial thing? Why do we think joy can be recorded and bought and sold? Isn’t joy something spontaneous that comes to us free of charge? And doesn’t the fact that we paid for a song or a performance taint that song or performance? After all, we are sometimes left wondering whether we got our money’s worth, or whether we paid too much for something that doesn’t last very long.

What do you think? Does recorded music really make us happy? Have we lost our joy and spontaneity as a result of technology and commercialism?

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