Learning to Think Non-Critically

Critical thinking: the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.
—Oxford Dictionary

The ego analyzes; the Holy Spirit accepts. The appreciation of wholeness comes only through acceptance, for to analyze means to separate out. The attempt to understand totality by breaking it up is clearly the characteristically contradictory approach of the ego to everything.
A Course in Miracles, Complete Edition, T-11.VI.1:1-3

Critical thinking consists of taking everything apart, analyzing it, attempting to discover the meaning of each isolated part, and judging each part as “good” or “bad.” As an example, we analyze the food we eat. We call one type of fat “good” and another type “bad.” We call oils “good” or “bad,” sugars “good” or “bad,” and cholesterol “good” or “bad.”

But when we call something bad, we reject it. Thus, we come to fear and hate it, and it becomes our enemy. But molecules and foods are like humans. When we hate and fear other humans, they become our enemies. On the other hand, when we accept and love humans, they become our friends. The same human can be viewed as a friend or as an enemy, depending on how we think about him.

This idea applies to everything else in this world. There are no absolutely bad or good foods, but if we believe that something is poisonous (at least subconsciously), then it will be a poison for us. If we believe that something is good or harmless for us, then we will not reject it and fight it, and it will not be our enemy.

“The Holy Spirit accepts.” Healing consists in finding the relationships between the lost and lonely bits and pieces. Everything that we accept has the potential to bless us. Everything can become a blessing to us, if we perceive it as being an essential part of the whole.

To learn to think non-critically, we must realize that we are part of the whole, and that our present limited awareness does not allow us to judge anything. Since we cannot see the big picture, we are unable to understand how everything is working together. It could be that the things that we judge against are essential to bringing this world to a good state.

To think non-critically, we simply need to trust that there is a higher consciousness that is guiding everything in a good way. We need to relinquish our highly cherished “right” to analyze and judge everything as being good or bad, helpful or unhelpful. It is much easier to think non-critically than to try to isolate and judge each part. In fact, it is impossible for us to judge each thing correctly from our limited perspective, and to attempt this judgment is to put enormous stress on our minds.

Why not let someone who knows everything guide us gently into a state of peace in which we no longer carry the burden of judgment? Why not relinquish the idea that we can judge accurately when we cannot? Why not give up critical thinking and, instead, perceive the spark of goodness in everyone and everything?

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