The Assyrians

This poem is based on Isaiah 10, a prophetic part of the Bible.

The Assyrians, empowered by the Lord,
Took the world’s treasures as their reward.
For He sent them against godless nations,
To humble their proud civilizations.

But now the Assyrians think that they’re gods,
Although they are, in God’s hands, only rods
Used to correct His wandering creatures,
Who would not learn from their other teachers.

And now the Assyrians ceaselessly boast:
“The land belongs to us, from coast to coast.”
But do you think that God will exempt you?
Do you think that you won’t be humbled too?

The Assyrians think they have understanding,
But they don’t know that it’s God who’s commanding.
They rejoice at the ease with which they plunder,
As they terrify the earth with their thunder.

They have plans to cut off many from the land,
And they think their kingdom will always expand.
But the Lord has an end for their kingdom too,
And the oppressed think that it’s long overdue.

What has the Lord planned for the Assyrian band?
Men will be flames and His Holy One a firebrand.
And God will consume those thorns in a single day,
When He moves stumbling blocks out of the way.

Woe to the unjust Assyrians for their pride,
Who have the rights of the helpless poor denied.
So what can they do at the end of it all,
But hide with the captives, or by the sword fall?

For destruction will overtake all of the earth,
And put a complete end to all of their mirth.
And to whom will they go to save their souls?
Those who were “gods” will hide with the moles.

So do not fear the Assyrians’ strokes,
Although you now labor under their yokes.
Even though you now eat the jailer’s bread,
When once you walk free, you will be well fed.

And though the people of the earth will burn,
A small remnant of survivors will return.
For though the people are like the shore’s sand,
Only a small part will stay in the land.

And this part will never again rely
On an oppressor who does God deny.
But this remnant will forever depend
On the One who gives all a love without end.

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