A Moment of Clarity

This is a great blog post and describes how many people feel about the corporate world. The rest of the corporate workers suppress these feelings because they are afraid to lose their positions and social statuses.

The Thoughts from the Wild


“The door shut and the noise from the outside world faded away. I was in the viper’s nest. Across the table sat a still man, his suit and soul buttoned up to the neck. In his hands he held a pen and a piece of paper that was going to permit whether or not I was acceptable to hand over my hours to become another one of his dutiful employees. I was in the situation I loathed most of all: a situation where men became machines, where wild souls were tamed, where narcissists and sociopaths flourished as they spat out a market-approved script of lies and exaggerations.

The interview began and the questions flowed away as formulaic as anticipated. “So what specifically about this role interests you?” he asked first. “What skills from your previous jobs can you apply to this role?” he asked second. “Where do you see yourself…

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