Free Poetry Software

If you write rhyming poems, or would like to try, then you can use my free Rhymes and Syllables software.

This software is for Windows PCs. It was designed for a mouse and keyboard, and it hasn’t been tested with a touchscreen.


With the software, you can:

  • Search for perfect, imperfect, or vowel rhymes.
  • Match as many ending sounds as desired.
  • Automatically search for rhymes for the last word on the previous line.
  • Double click a word in your text to search for rhymes.
  • Choose the pronunciation of the word that you want to search for, if there are variations.
  • Match the stresses and/or the length of the search word and results.
  • View the number of syllables on each line, and the stress of each syllable.
  • View the number of iambic feet or anapestic feet in each line.
  • Correct the spelling of your song or poem with spelling suggestions.
  • Customize the fonts and colors.

Instructions on how to download and install the program are on this page on my website.

If you have any comments or questions, you can add them below. You don’t have to be signed in to comment, but your comments will not appear unless I approve them.

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