How to Format a Poem on Your Blog

I have been reading some poetry on WordPress blogs, and I have some simple advice for how to format your poems.

I have seen poems with blank lines between lines of text that should be closer together. This can occur when we write our poems in Microsoft Word, or another rich text editor, and then copy them into our blog editor.

There is a simple solution to this problem. The first way is to click on the HTML tab in your blog editor, and then copy and paste the poem into that text area.

The second way to format your poem for your blog is to copy and paste your poem into Notepad, or another program that does not allow rich text. Then select all of the text in Notepad and copy and paste it into the Visual or HTML tab in the post editor.

The only problem with these two methods is that they will remove all of your italics, bold, underlining, and other formatting that you may have added to your poem. You will have to add the formatting again with the Visual tab or the HTML tab (if you know how to edit HTML).

I hope this helps. If you have any questions or comments about formatting your blog or about HTML, you can post them below.

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