The Grudge

This poem is about a common psychological parasite. The poem contains some metaphors and allusions, which I hope you can decipher.

This tale concerns the Land of the Confused,
For those who live within are all suffused
With all the evil thoughts that one can name,
But since those thoughts were common, none would claim
That he was not a common person there,
For all were wont to make mistakes and err.

Within the land, there was a city Doomed,
For everyone within the town assumed
That hell was his allotment, justly paid;
All thought that they were lacking heaven’s aid.

Within the city, lacking as they were,
A well that could supply a water pure,
The people were attacked by parasites,
And these did have voracious appetites;
And, once infected, people had no choice,
The spongers did control their will and voice.

The Grudge is what the sponging life was called,
But those infected by them weren’t appalled;
The Grudge did feed the people many views,
While people fed the Grudges with refuse.

A symbiotic feeling then ensued;
The Grudge was often as an ally viewed,
For people couldn’t ever blame or judge,
Unless they felt the presence of the Grudge.

But prophets did begin to tell them things,
That one would come to them, a king of kings;
He would remove the Grudge from deep within,
And wipe away all evil thoughts and sin.

But all the prophets by the town were killed,
And thus the prophets’ words were all fulfilled;
One day, the prophets did foretell, and soon,
The king would come, and it would be a boon
To all who wanted freedom from the Grudge,
Who didn’t want to be the one to judge.

Some waited for the king to come and find
That they were needing cleanness of the mind;
If they’d a little willingness for change,
The king would all the other things arrange.

This tale does have a lesson for us all,
That we have been awaiting since the fall;
Although, alone, we can’t remove dismay,
We can forgive as we await that day.

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