The Two Conspiracies

To conspire means to breathe together,
To be united by a strong tether,
A bond that can’t be easily broken,
An agreement that might be unspoken.

Of conspiracies, there are two kinds,
Two ways to form a union of the minds;
The first seeks to unite in opposition;
This type seeks to further its position
At the expense of those who are outside,
And tries its purpose to stealthily hide.

The second type seeks to include all parts:
A universal union of minds and hearts;
It seeks the complete sharing of Spirit,
And the call goes out to all who might hear it;
For in the end we will, with surprise,
Our one Self joyfully recognize.

The first type of union is hidden,
And to expose it is strictly forbidden,
While the second type desires to heal,
And the oneness of our true Self reveal.

The first conspiracy is covert,
While the other is completely overt;
One is concealed, yet known by a few;
The other is open to everyone’s view;
Conspiracies of the first type are everywhere,
And to reveal them we rarely ever dare;
But the second type is completely unique:
It is the union for which we all seek.

The first type produces, as a result,
Guilt that is plainly felt, or occult;
For we cannot exclude all the others
Without feeling we’ve attacked our brothers;
And whatever advantage that we gain
From our group, feelings of guilt remain.

The second type is a cure for the first,
So we no longer feel we are cursed
By the guilt we have accumulated,
Which no other remedy has abated.

To apply the cure to our situation,
We must renounce all consternation,
For if we hold onto worry or fear,
We will cling to any idol that’s near;
All idols serve to divide creation,
And lift one above the other’s station;
But since our reality is oneness,
And our fate is to again coalesce,
Our idols can only briefly maintain
That false collusion can bring any gain.

The second conspiracy provides air
That we can all breathe together and share:
The air of love and spiritual union,
Not the air of lies and proud exclusion;
We were afraid of sharing what we own,
But this fear just made us feel all alone;
We will find that we can give it away,
And have more than we need every day,
For thoughts are a basic reality,
And, once shared, are commonality;
We do not lose when we share a thought,
For, instead, expansion is what is taught;
And the thoughts we have of love and of joy
Are the thoughts we can all share and enjoy;
Sharing with all is our goal and our fate,
So why make this day of union wait?
This day will not come while one delays,
And fails to change his old selfish ways;
But this day is as sure as God above,
For no one can forever refuse to love.

What will the world be like when love is not blocked,
When God is known, and his will is not mocked?
What will happen when the cure is applied
To all of us, and fear is cast aside?
What will the world be like when all is holy?
We will unite as one breather only,
And all the turmoil and fears of loss
Will fall away like some unwanted dross;
But my words cannot describe this event,
For the future has no precedent.

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