The Final Lesson

When choosing to feel anguish, hurt, and pain,
We’re choosing but a thick and heavy chain;
And when resentment creeps into a mind,
Eternal peace and joy are undermined.

When choosing to forget each loveless thought,
We’re only doing what the Spirit taught;
A thought that lacks in love cannot exist;
It should be overlooked, and thus dismissed.

But if we keep the loveless thought in mind,
We will with less than goodness be aligned;
And can we enter heaven’s gates of peace,
If we do not our friends’ mistakes release?

We can’t bring on this upward journey fast,
A thought that comes to us from darkened past;
To leave at last this world of fear and pain,
Just loosen every unforgiving chain.

The final lesson’s one we all must learn,
So hate does cease in all our minds to burn;
Go back to giving what we want to take,
And from our dreams of darkness all awake.

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