The Dog And The Wolf

There was once a lean wolf, hungry and weak,
Who encountered a proud dog, fat and sleek.
The dog looked at the hungry wolf and said,
“With such a fickle life, you’ll soon be dead.
Unless you find help from a human friend,
You’ll soon come to an unfortunate end.
Why not work for food each day, as I do,
So your meals will not be so scant and few?”
The wolf said, “It does seem good, what you’ve got.
If only I could find the right work spot.”
The dog said, “Follow me to my master.
You’ll work with me and get your food faster.”
So the hungry wolf followed the dog down
The wide and pleasant road that led to town.
But while they were walking slowly along,
The wolf, by chance, saw something that seemed wrong.
And the wolf said, “Why is the hair so thin
On your neck that I can see your bare skin?”
And the dog said, “Don’t worry about that.
It’s just that my neck is a little fat,
And when they put on my collar and chain
At night, there’s a little tightness and pain.
I am quite sure you’ll soon get used to it.
For you, the collar will be a good fit.”
“Oh, is that right?” the disabused wolf asked.
But the dog’s life had been wholly unmasked,
And the wolf had to part, and walk away,
And go back to his customary way.

It is better to hunger, unrestrained,
Than to eat a lot and be tightly chained.

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