I See Only The Past

Could it be that I see nothing today,
Although the whole world’s on display?
For I see only the past,
And all beings are classed
With the ones that I saw yesterday.

I see nothing as it is right now,
My vision seems to stop at my brow,
For this table and chair,
Your face and your hair,
The past does their truth disallow.

Although I am determined to see,
I have no idea what will be;
When I open my eyes,
They will show my surprise,
For the past and the future will flee.

All our thoughts of dislike and attack
Have invented these worlds that are black,
But by changing our mind,
We’ll awaken and find
That real living is finally back.

If my mind is a part of His mind,
Then can I look within me to find
The strength to repeal
Any law that is real,
Or destroy what God has designed?

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